Vitril, an imaginary journey

(Children’s piece)
Vítril, imaginary journey is a creative adventure for children, young people and adults, which proposes a fantastic journey into the world of small Vítril. Through a theatrical conception framed in a surreal atmosphere, the play tells the story of Vitril who faces his own fears and is reconciled with his loved ones, rediscovering the importance of friendship, kindness and the value of simple things. Vítril´s imagery trip is a work composed of different scenes that includes the use of new technologies in lighting and multimedia, as well as a conceptual set design, making the piece a rich, visual experience.

For Delfos, young public have always been a priority and for more than 20 years they have done significant production for this audience.

Using cutting edge technology, the Angela Peralta theater stage becomes a fantastic scenic space that makes for an amazing and surreal staging, which sparks the imagination of viewers. Children and young people will come out of the performance amazed!

El Noroeste/Nov/ 2012


Video Demo