The Rite of Spring

In 1913 the composer Igor Stravinsky and the choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky, premiered the monumental work The Rite of Spring, that would forever change the course of music and dance.

Delfos Contemporary Dance joins in the celebration of the 100th birthday of this emblematic work, with the premier staging of an intriguing, contemporary production that showcases physical and emotional daring.

The Rite of Spring has had multiple choreographic interpretations, and now Delfos shares its unique version; this innovative project investigates the depth of universal rituals, from daily life, to chaos, and then finally transformation.

Under the scenic direction of Victor Manuel Ruiz and Claudia Lavista, this production also features striking costume designs created by Mauricio Ascencio.

“With the Rite of Spring, the Delfos dancers chose an avant-garde approach – with their bodies, their costumes, their staging, all of their movements deliver a breathtaking performance. Everything is at risk; the tension is palpable. This “theater of bodies” is a daring performance –it is an unforgettable experience.”

La Jornada México, June 2013/Pablo Espinosa


The bolero of Maurice Ravel has inspired great choreographic works in the twentieth century. Delfos succumbs to its beauty and created its own choreographic version – in an urban, modern environment where eight characters build the physical terrain to shed false caches.

The Delfos Bolero has received praise from audiences and press since it premiered at the International Cervantino Festival in 2009 and, in 2010 won the Prize of the best work at the “International Festival, A Desert for Dance”. It has also received great success in national and international tours in countries such as: United States, Lebanon and Colombia.

“With Ravel´s Bolero, Delfos resolved a huge challenge: simply, the pleasure of doing it. Playfulness, clear ideas, cero grandiloquence, Delfos’s presentation was a resounding success; efficient, plausible and suitable.”

Uno mas Uno México October 2009/Pablo Espinosa


Video: The rite of Spring

Video: Bolero