Latent Estate

Delfos Contenporary Dance
Celebrating 25 years of artistic life

Two bodies face to face
They are sometimes two waves
And the night is ocean

Two bodies face to face
They are sometimes two stones
And the desert night

Two bodies face to face
They are sometimes roots
At night linked

Two body facing each other
They are sometimes knives
And the night lightning

Octavio Paz

A latent state is, above all, a life drive that builds, is avid, pumps energy and imagines new possibilities and projects. Perhaps it is a good description for what, over 25 years of uninterrupted work, Delfos has generated as a work team.

This program includes three works of very different natures: “Concerto Barroco”, “Proa” and the premiere of “Mangrove”.

A mangrove is, among other things, a habitat populated by tree species that grow and thrive along the coasts. An ecosystem with fertile productivity and biodiversity, whose submerged roots provide habitat and refuge for a rich fauna. This makes us think that, metaphorically, over the last 25 years we have transformed into a dance mangrove that found its territory in Mazatlan; and from there, we decided to promote other realities and ways of being in the world. On the way we have also been a Prow that, from a deep curiosity, advances towards new oceans opening its way.

In 25 years we have created more than 70 choreographic works, traveled to 23 countries on 4 continents, presented our work in hundreds of theaters for thousands of spectators, collaborated with dozens of artists in interdisciplinary projects and generated extensive interaction platforms through dance.

“Latent state” is a celebration of the life that we decided to build, an intimate ritual to begin the years that are to come. We want our dance to touch something in you and to become close friends who share a part of our history.


Video: Promo TV

Video Concerto Barroco

Video Manglar