It's Midnight... (Nocturnal Varieties)

“it ́s not just dance, it ́s not theater nor dance-theater, but yeah,
there is dance and there is theater…there is stage and spectacle.”

Silvia Peláez, playwright, 2015, on the stage work of Foco alAire

“The singing and dancing become a disturbing element of the environment and crudely expose the tremendous fragility of the human being and the reverberation of his desires”

It ́s Midnight (Nocturnal Varieties) is the stage result of an intense laboratory of creation of body masking and sonic investigation. The conception springs forth from the appropriation of the voice of the singers and characters and with this the challenge of becoming Another Being that makes its presence known by giving life to bodies. This shows us what it is like to be in the world in a different and surprising fashion. The baring of bodies and souls that live through a voice that is not theirs is the paradox of existence.

The musical and soundtrack selection comes from, in essence, from nostalgia and the desire to do a homage to some memorable singers and characters that live and live on in our imagination. It began with recordings that belonged to the world of show business, above all, television. Along the way we incorporated current singers and musicians that we could remake with an interesting result. Thus, singers appeared that provided their own interpretations. This was the proposal that Foco alAire suggested to Delfos. They wanted to work together, unite visions and migrate on other paths in the world of stage art.

It ́s Midnight (Nocturnal Varieties) is a piece that we think responds well to this intrinsic necessity in the art world. The new paradigms in stage art such as theater, performance art and dance have generated a questioning of the work of these disciplines. That is why interdisciplinary collaborations turn out distinct and original work. This is a staging idea that invites the stage creators to use the body and emotions to become The Other One. Movement and interpretation of body masks become this other being in an unusual metamorphosis that turns reality upside down.”