The Mazatlan Professional School of Dance (EPDM)

We plant the seeds of curiosity and nurture the individual through an intensive and creative dance and intellectual education, which allows the dancer to reap those benefits in a professional dance career. We recognize the multiple possibilities of the body’s expressive capabilities, and know that each person has his own virtues, abilities, and needs. We understand the importance of taking care of the individual and our school provides the kind of personal attention that encourages the emerging dancer/choreographer with the kinds of tools to succeed as creative artists that are able to thrive in and contribute to the professional dance world.

In 1998, thanks to the support of The Municipal Government of Mazatlan, through the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art, Delfos began the Project of Decentralization, Promotion and Dance Education, by moving its base of operations from Mexico City to Mazatlan’s Angela Peralta Theater and founding the Mazatlan Professional School of Dance, which offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program.

The principal goal of this project is the development and growth of the new generation of professional dancers and creators through an intensive and specialized training and education, which includes dance techniques, as well as intellectual and creative study. The school also promotes the support of new dance choreography, as well as, cultivating and maintaining new audiences for dance.

The curriculum consists of four years of academics, dance technique classes in multiple styles, and the professional development of the dancer through choreography, performance and workshops with visiting artists. The school offers a variety of programs of study, including: contemporary (modern) dance, ballet, choreography, music, theater, art, dance history, literature, anatomy, video editing, sound editing, philosophy, English and stage production.

The EPDM regularly hosts residencies with some of the most cutting-edge international dance artists/teachers, thus exposing our students to a wide range of information, as well as connecting them to the global dance community. Through these residency programs, the school has offered workshops by teachers and artists from Mexico, Italy, Venezuela, Spain, Canada, South Africa and the United States amongst others. Recent guest artists include Andrew Harwood (Canada), Kathleen Hermmesdorf (USA), Michael Foley (USA), Lourdes Luna (Mexico), Miguel Mancillas (Mexico), P.J. Sabagah (South Africa), Janusz Subicz (Germany), Vladimir Rodriguez (Colombia) and Laura Aris (Spain).  In addition, the school has made artistic and academic exchanges with the Winnipeg Contemporary Dancer’s School of Canada, Williams College, the University of Texas, Arizona State University, the University of South Florida and the Duncan Center from Czech Republic.


Among its many awards for academic/artistic excellence, the EPDM has won the National Dance Award on two occasions, and has received the “Choreographic Culiacan Award” for seven consecutive years.  The Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes has twice awarded the “Education for Art” scholarship to EPDM. In 2008 the school received the Raúl Flores Canelo Award, in recognition for its academic excellence.

One of the principal purposes of the EPDM is to promote the creation of new dance projects, graduate students have created vibrant new dance projects such as: Lux Boreal (Tijuana), Hunabkú (Chile), La Serpiente (Morelia), Danza Joven de Sinaloa (Culiacán), Laboratorio del Cuerpo (Mazatlán), Danza Viral (Guanajuato) Latitud Cero (Ecuador) and En ningún lugar (México).

The school also has a residency program for professional dancers and advanced students to provide the opportunity to train and realize creation labs, social projects or exchange programs. We have received artists from Europe, Latin America, USA and Mexico.

The EPDM has become one of the most important centers for professional dance, education and development in Latin America, for both Mexican and international students.

“The EPDM has emerged as one of the most important options for studying dance in Mexico and Latin-America .”                      

 Diana Reyes. El Imparcial

X Anniversary EPDM, 7ª generation