Gourmet Body

(An Interactive Site Specific Project)

An artistic and culinary collaboration of Delfos Danza Contemporánea and Chef Diego Becerra that integrates dance, theater, food and conversation.

Gourmet Body is a hybrid site specific project-performance that heightens all five senses. A game of chance where the viewer decides what to see and taste.  It consists of five scenes and five tastings happening simultaneously in different spaces. The public can choose to what to see, what to taste and in which order, so that each member of the audience is a proactive member of this event.

It can be presented in many different spaces such as old houses, restaurants, buildings etc. In each place a Chef from the community will be invited as a co-creator of the show.

It’s not just a dance performance, it’s not just a tasting, it’s not just a meeting among friends; it’s an entirely new way to experience art, food and social gatherings.