“… Somewhere is a unique visual experience… Every single one of its details, from the costumes made of newspaper, to the characters that emerge from the trash and of course, the dance itself… astonishing” Proceso magazine / Rosario Manzanos

Have you ever thought about all the fun things there are on the streets, between the feet of the passers-by, when you stop by a red light, or walk among the trash cans, or next to the mice and cats that live in the corners? You might not know it yet, but there is a whole underworld where little children live and play and have wonderful adventures, just like you. These children, they don’t go to school, they don’t have a bed full of pillows and toys, many of them don’t even live close to their parents… Do you want to know somenthig? like you, they like to create magical stories, they are capable of making up incredible games and they love to feel loved, just like you.

We invite you to discover the universe of this special dance, which takes us through a survival adventure created especially for children and grown ups.

Somewhere, tells the story of three little children that live on the streets, where thanks to the power of their imagination, they build a fantastic world where trash dances around them to protect them from the cold. Oh! You’ll be surprised when you discover the human-cars living in absolute chaos! and how this wondrous children offer them a little bit of fun by dancing around them to make them forget their problems in exchange for a coin. You’ll have fun seeing amazing lone cats dancing with their friends the mice.

You’ll witness new toys emerging from the trash integrating the universe of Somewhere. We would love that the next time you find children like these you could give them a smile, a little bit of your friendship and generosity. Don’t ever ignore them, much less reject them. We are certain that after seeing this play, your look towards them will be different.



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