Interdisciplinary project of international collaboration.

Ensemble Dal Niente, together with Mexican contemporary dance company Delfos Danza Contemporánea, and Chicago-based composer Tomás Gueglio’s presents Proa (“Prow”), a piece for four dancers and harp, in which harpist and dancers use sound, clothing, and bodies to explore themes of migration, immigration, alienation, and identity.

This production marks the second iteration of Dal Niente’s STAGED series, in which the ensemble collaborates with artists across disciplines, including dancers, directors, and choreographers. Harpist Ben Melsky, composer Tomás Gueglio, and Delfos dancers developed the sounds, choreography, and structure for this piece during a week-long residency in Mazatlan, Mexico in June of 2017 and a week-long residency in Chicago in December of 2017.

Proa was premiered at the Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago on December 2017.

In addition to Proa, the show includes further collaborations between Delfos and Dal Niente, including a performance of Mario Lavista’s Cuaderno de viaje (“Travelogue”), with choreography by Delfos’ Claudia Lavista and instrumental performances by soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, guitarrist Jesse Langen, and cellist Chris Wild.

Proa won the support of the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures 2016-17 (NALAC)


Video: Proa

Video: Proa XXV Aniversary

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