Press quotes


“The men are gorgeous, the women are lithe and beautiful and the choreography original.  This amazing company is an outstanding ensemble.”
Phyllis GoldmanShow Guide East Off Broadway / New York, NY

“…An unforced tour de force.”
Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

“…one of the most important dance companies in Latin America.”
Celeste Fraser Delgado, The Miami Herald

“…insistant musicality…these excellent performers were not afraid to plunge into dramatic situations.”
Guillermo Perez, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“…gifted dancers…”
Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

“…touching but equally athletic…brings an enthralling virtuosity yet poignancy…”
Hillary Ostlere, Financial Times

“Delfos is a forceful example that youth is not necessarily synonymous with chaos and upheaval. It gives the opportunity to confirm that dance is and has been a totally eloquent language”
Patricia Cardona, Uno más Uno /  México

“In Delfos we can see flourishing and manifest talent.”
Patricia Cardona, Uno más Uno / México

“Delfos is moving into the highest levels of contemporary dance in Mexico and Latin America.”
Rosario Manzanos,Proceso Magazine / México

“Delfos presented a show that hooked the public with its spectacular esthetic, color and showmanship.”
La Crónica de León / León, Spain

“Delfos surprises the children…they offer a special performance for grade school students in the Angela Peralta Theater and all are attentive to their art.”
Carlos Rodante, El Debate / Sinaloa, México

“Delfos have left in their wake a long career wherein succession of awards that backs up their interpretive quality.”
Carlos Ocampo, San Luis Hoy / SLP, México

“Delfos has the body of a company and the heart of a group, bestowing upon us a collective and legible interpretive work with an undeniable emotional lineage done by talented artists.”
Valerio Cesio, Por la Danza Magazine / Madrid, Spain

“Delfos has created an idyllic, energetic, touching, and visually attractive proposal with the choreography “En Algún Lugar”. A first class work! “
Georgina Martínez, Noroeste / Mazatlán, Sinaloa

“Delfos contemporary dance is a remarkable ensemble with a surplus of energy and velocity that last performed in Winnipeg at the 1999 Pan American Games”
Garth Buchholz, Winnipeg Free Press / Winnipeg, Canada

“With the Rite of Spring, the Delfos dancers chose an avant-garde approach – with their bodies, their costumes, their staging, all of their movements deliver a breathtaking performance. Everything is at risk; the tension is palpable. This “theater of bodies” is a daring performance –it is an unforgettable experience”.
La Jornada, México/Pablo Espinosa

“With Ravel´s Bolero, Delfos resolved a huge challenge: simply, the pleasure of doing it. Playfulness, clear ideas, cero grandiloquence, Delfos’s presentation was a resounding success; efficient, plausible and suitable”
Uno mas Uno, México/Pablo Espinosa

“The choreography is impressive in the way that Delfos is deeply exploring and questioning one’s daily life. The audience was immersed in the work via the interpretative power of the dancers, along with real-time video, computer animation, and haunting score. It was a well-deserved extended standing ovation for When Disguises are Hung Up at its premiere.”
Héctor Guardado, Noroeste. Mazatlán-Sinaloa

«Between dreams and flowers makes the experience of death a cold, bleak, dim place, but immeasurably beautiful … creating an aesthetic experience that is stirring…it flows and lands in a beautiful and dazzling stage visual”
Hector Guardado, Noroeste. Mazatlán-Sinaloa

«The devastating scenography created by Fernando Feres, bristles senses … The public could appreciate how Ruiz´s monumental imagination overflowed the Angela Peralta Theater, creating moments of impact and thrill with a stark and hard work…”
Digital Magazine / Political Critic

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