Omar Carrum Bio


EPDM Academic Director 

Omar Carrum, starts his dance studies in 1991 and joins DELFOS danza contemporánea in 1993 where he develops his career as dancer, choreographer teacher, video maker and researcher of movement, scene, body states, anatomy, nutrition and biomechanics.

He has been a featured performer in over eighty works of dance, theater, and opera, working with an international roster of choreographers performing in some of the world’s most prestigious theaters and festivals for dance. He has received the National Dance Award, in 2000 as Dancer and in 2002 as Choreographer. The FONCA and FOECA National and State Funds for Culture and Artes in Mexico have given him 6 grants as choreographer and Dancer in 1995, 2001, 2003 y 2007 and as Scenic Creator with trajectory form 2009 to 2012.

As a choreographer he has created and directed over 40 works for Delfos, EPDM, Camaleo Company in Brasil, Compañía Serpiente, Compañía Danzare de Guadalajara, Japan Classical Dance schools “Aurora” and Semountnori, Smith College, Bates Dance Festival and Boston Conservatory in USA, Dance school of UNAM, and the project Oxigeno which he directed in 2002.

In 1998 he helped to create, along with Claudia Lavista and Victor Ruiz (Artistic Directors of Delfos), La Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlán (EPDM) which has emerged as one of the leading dance conservatories in Mexico and Latin America, and in 2007 He became the Academic Director. The school received in 2008 The award RAÚL FLORES CANELO for its Pedagogical contributions  to the formation of new generations of artists.

He has been a faculty member since the school’s inception and has been invited to teach all around Mexico, US, Dominican Republic, Japan, Brazil, Colombia and Panama. He has been invited by the Bates Dance Festival as Guest international artist in 2007 and as faculty member since 2010.

In 1999 he becomes a Zone Certified Instructor. Studies, practice and teaches Yoga since 1995 and in 2012 develops the program UNITY as an integral system for training, prevention, rehabilitation and auto treatment for dancers.

After teaching and experimenting many techniques and movement styles in 2012 he develops CONTINUUM as a training system based on the continuity of the kinetic chains of movement and its paths, and a very specific and uncommon way to use momentum, impulse, space, motion script and physical principles.

He specializes since 2005 in PISO MÓVIL (training system created by Vladimir Rodriguez and his company CORTOCINESIS of Colombia), he also teaches TÉCNICA MIXTA (training technique of DELFOS), Choreography and bio-mechanical improvisation.

His last shortfilm “Fifth Wall” co-directed with Dutch Rall was selected in CANNES 2013, SHORT FILM CORNER,  and in AGITE Y SIRVA 2014 selection. The video-dance “Blank Mind” co-directed with Claudia Lavista was selected in AGITE Y SIRVA 2015.

He creates and directs since 2007 the project “HABITAT, Dance and consciousness” where he leads a team of artists to teach dance to more than 300 children in 4 poor neighborhoods in Mazatlan.

In 2009 he became the first Mexican choreographer to receive the GUGGENHEIM fellowship and since 2011 he co-creates and presents with Vladimir Rodriguez their work ESCrito Absurdo as part of series of residencies in Mexico, Colombia, France, Panamá and Brazil where they keep a constant research on improvisation, the transformation process of the interpreter and body states. These researches have  influenced him radically in his posture as dancer, his teaching methods and actual choreographic proposals

In 2014 he becomes a member of the National System of Arts Creators which is one of the most important recognition for artists in Mexico.

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