Between Dreams and Flowers

"Yesterday I dreamed of a sea of flowers and found out it was my blood, I felt my teeth crack and my body float away..."

This work is a mortuary fantasy that reveals a space inhabited by two women in their transit between life and death. A small light emanating from within shows the way to lead them to the end the threshold and meet their loved ones... die to be reborn.

This is a collaborative project between Delfos Dance Company and the Lola Lince Experimental Dance Company. The staging was done by the dancers and choreographers Claudia Lavista and Lola Lince, under the direction of Victor Manuel Ruiz.

"Between dreams and flowers makes the experience of death a cold, bleak, dim place, but immeasurably beautiful ... creating an aesthetic experience that is stirring…it flows and lands in a beautiful and dazzling stage visual”

Northwest Newspaper October 2015 / Hector Guardado



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